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Dog Collars and Leads

HB saddlery makes a range of collars and leads from the finest English bridle butt leather, renowned the world over for its appearance, strength and suppleness.

Each item is hand cut from the butt, the edges, bevelled, stained and burnished, and creased for the dog and handlers comfort.

The fittings we use are solid brass and are also manufactured in the UK, the collars and leads are all sewn by hand with a beeswax coated linen thread using a saddler's double hand stitch, a stitch that will not undo like a machine stitch, we use a thread to match the colour of the leather.

All collars and leads are available in four different colours as shown to the right from showing left to right, black, dark havanna, Australian nut, conker




XS 7-10''
S 10-14''
M 14-18''
L 18-22''
XL 22-26''

For sizes Medium to Extra large we use a seven eighth of an inch width of leather, and corresponding buckle and d ring, for sizes Extra small and Small we use a five eighth's of an inch width of leather and corresponding buckle and "D" ring.

How to measure for a bespoke collar, we suggest using either of these methods.

  • Method one: using an existing collar, measure from where the buckle tongue comes through the leather to the hole which is most commonly used, this measurement will become the centre hole on your new collar.
  • Method two: using a fabric tape, place tape around your dog's neck at the point the collar should be worn, allowing two fingers to fit inside. This measurement will become the centre hole on your new collar.
Plain collar with whole brass buckle, and solid brass D ring. Available in four sizes for 20, or can be made to measure, please see notes on fitting a collar.

Plain collar, with solid brass roller buckle, leather keeper and solid brass d ring. Available in four sizes at 20, or can be made to measure, please see notes on fitting a collar.

Other collars can be made to order, such as padded, rolled, fancy stitched or adjustable choke.

Rolled Collar
Rolled Collar
Padded Collar
Padded Collar
Swage Buckle
Swage Buckle
Fancy stitched, double grain collar
Fancy stitched, double grain collar
Adjustable choke
Adjustable choke
Adjustable choke
Roller buckle and leather keeper, and solid brass d ring

Made in the same leather as the collars, finest English bridle butt, and in the same colours to match.

Gun dog slip lead
From puppy to adult this is a great lead for working dogs, hand stitched with solid brass ring, and leather loop handle, easily rolls up to go in a pocket when not in use.

The lead featured on all dogs is five eighth of an inch in width, made from conker bridle butt. Slip leads from 18.

Trigger clip leads

The lead shown is five eighths of an inch wide, in dark Havana. 22. Other widths and lengths available, please contact with your enquiry.

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